At Harrow International School Bengaluru, we believe that a prerequisite to achieving students’ full potential in the classroom is their sense of being cared for and happy at school. Comprehensive and effective pastoral care therefore underlies every aspect of a student’s life.

On the one hand, this requires effective programmes and systems to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken to support a student in need. Equally important is the creation of a caring and supportive community, where students form high-quality relationships with their peers and their teachers.

Our house system is a crucial component of our pastoral care provision, as it breaks down our larger school community into smaller house units. This allows strong friendships to be established between students in the same house, and a dedicated and experienced house team of House Master or Mistresses, Tutors and Matrons to be visible and approachable, so that they can get to know each student as an individual.

In the same way, the engagement of all our teachers in the holistic life of the school helps to establish further positive and respectful connections. These help to ensure that a Harrow Bengaluru student never feels alone and always has someone to whom they can turn.