Examinations are just one dimension of academic life. At Harrow International School Bengaluru, whilst highly aware of the importance of examined qualifications, we go further - recognising that scholarship is limitless. We balance the rigour of carefully crafted examination preparation with the development of research skills, the ability to debate and communicate confidently, to solve problems and to think both critically and creatively. These skills have inherent, lifelong value and universities are always on the lookout for candidates who possess them.

Our Super-Curriculum encompasses all those activities that foster academic endeavour beyond the measurable outcomes of examination results. It includes wide and habitual reading, extended project work, debate, public speaking, research, national and international academic competitions, study trips and lectures from visiting speakers which inspire and challenge. The Super-Curriculum is also embedded in our regular school day, with students challenged to think for themselves through active learning and extension work undertaken in an atmosphere of discovery from Middle School onwards.