The Harrow Family of Schools is proud of its outstanding record of helping students to win places at globally renowned universities. Supported by the Harrow network, our University Guidance Counselling Programme helps students gain the confidence, skills and experience to achieve their academic and professional ambitions. The Universities Team is available throughout the school day to provide advice to students throughout the school as they plan their university entrance, whichever establishment around the world they may be targeting.

Our structured Universities Programme begins during Grade 8, to ensure that students identify a coherent pathway to university admission when choosing their IGCSE subjects. Our universities counsellors recognise the importance of a balanced portfolio of achievement, covering both academic and extra-curricular activities, and guide students on how to build such a profile.

Our team brings a wealth of experience from across the globe and understands the different requirements of applications to different countries. Whilst many of our students will target leading universities in the UK or North America, our Universities Programme is a bespoke one, with the goals and achievements of each individual incorporated into the advice provided.

As students move through the school, they benefit from classes to support their successful completion of any required IELTS and SATs assessments, as well as crucial guidance on how best to present their applications, including their personal statements. In addition, as part of the wider Harrow Family of Schools, they are able to meet with guest speakers from universities, picking up crucial institution-specific advice.

Winning places at outstanding universities is one of the most important goals of a Harrow education. Through the advice of our Universities Team and the experience of our global teaching staff, we intend to provide the very best programme for Harrow Bengaluru students.