Thank you for your interest in Harrow International School Bengaluru. We are at the start of an exhilarating journey and seeking to recruit academic leaders and teachers with a desire to deliver outstanding education to globally minded young people, in a state-of-the-art campus and with the support of two outstanding educational organisations. We particularly hope to attract those who hold a pioneering spirit and who are enthused by the prospect of playing a role in the creation of an outstanding new school in a vibrant, international city. We fully intend for Harrow Bengaluru to quickly become one of the most sought-after schools in India.

The plans for our new school are exciting in every way. We will benefit from wonderful facilities, with over 12,000m2 of academic buildings within the secondary school alone, providing spacious, well-equipped classrooms and multiple break-out spaces to encourage collaboration and independent learning. Alongside this, we will also enjoy wonderful co-curricular spaces: outstanding sports facilities, including an Olympic-size 50m swimming pool, a 4,500m2 sports hall, a full-size FIFA-standard astroturf football pitch and a 400m running track; a 1,800m2 auditorium for the performing arts; an extensive music wing with performance halls and numerous practice rooms; as well as dedicated areas for fine art, sculpture, dance and drama.

However, it is not so much the facilities but the atmosphere that we intend to mark out our school - an atmosphere in which the leaders of tomorrow will be moulded through an emphasis on creative thinking, participation, service to others, responsibility, trust, community-mindedness and teamwork. We will achieve this through a focus on the values of a Harrow education: courage, honour, humility and fellowship. These values will be supported by the strength of our school community, which will be built around a strong house system and a large boarding community, in turn yielding a strong sense of belonging and confidence amongst our students.

Our location, on the edge of Bengaluru, close to the international airport, allows us the space to create such a school but also ensures a wonderful year-round climate and a proximity to all the modern shopping, eating and leisure opportunities of a thriving and modern Indian ‘Garden City’.

Thank you again for considering Harrow International School Bengaluru. I very much hope that you will take forward an application and that we will have a chance to meet.

Andrew Leale
Founding Head Master,
Harrow International School Bengaluru