The final two years of Senior School at Harrow International School Bengaluru are referred to as Sixth Form and provide an exciting culmination to each student’s academic journey through the school.

We are a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) and are pursuing authorization as an IB World School, so as to offer the IB Diploma alongside our existing A level curriculum from August 2024. IB World Schools share a common philosophy and a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Harrow Bengaluru believes is important for our students, so as to provide the best possible launchpad to university study.

Sixth Formers at Harrow Bengaluru find that they need to take more responsibility for organising themselves. Classes are smaller, the atmosphere is more informal, and teachers generally look for more initiative from students in their approach to academic work. Homework may be set some weeks in advance and Sixth Form students therefore need to plan ahead, ensuring that work is not left to the last minute.

The Sixth Form also provides huge opportunity for students to explore beyond the regular syllabus by attending after-school lectures and engaging with the many voluntary academic clubs on offer. Wide-ranging project-based work allows students to demonstrate further their aptitudes and enthusiasm for their studies. This includes essay prize competitions run by Oxbridge colleges and other institutions, the Engineering Education Scheme, as well as Olympiads and challenges. Those who engage with such opportunities demonstrate the resilience and determination to focus on a project over an extended period. They also collaborate with their peers and develop their research techniques.

In this and many other ways, our students get a taste of teaching and learning at university, where they will need to be critical thinkers, to articulate difficult ideas and to grow in confidence, debate and intellectual discussion, if they are to excel.

Sixth Form life presents not only amazing academic and intellectual opportunities but also an even greater range of co-curricular experiences. This is a time for our students to develop further their leadership qualities, to take on responsibility and to be excellent role models for younger students in their House, displaying the Harrow values of courage, honour, humility and fellowship which underpin their education.