For day students as well as boarders, the house system is an integral part of their experience at Harrow International School Bengaluru. Every student is a member of a house and quickly gains a sense of loyalty and deep attachment to it.

A particular feature of Harrow Bengaluru’s house system is the vertical integration of different-aged students. This allows for older students to assist younger peers who are new to the house, for the development of a distinct and supportive atmosphere in each house, and for each student to remain in “their” house for the duration of their time at school. House communities are therefore characterised by strong bonds and healthy allegiances.

The House system is also the primary route through which our pastoral care system operates. House members benefit from well-established and ongoing support from their House Master or Mistress and the rest of the house pastoral team, which includes several Tutors, who are academic teachers attached to a house in the same manner as the students. The pastoral team gets to know their students extremely well, allowing for the close tracking of academic performance as well as ongoing support on a pastoral level.

The house system is also the structure through which many internal competitions and other events are organised. With multiple contests in sport, music and other areas, community pride finds expression in a healthy competitive spirit.