The clubs programme at Harrow International School Bengaluru adds a further dimension to our extra-curricular and super-curricular arrangements. Taking advantage of our extended school day, clubs allow students of all ages to experience and develop their interests in a wide variety of activities during set-aside time at lunchtimes and at the end of the regular school schedule. Significantly, clubs provide students with the opportunity to take a leading role in the running of such activities, supported by their teachers. As a result, clubs allow International Harrovians to develop their interpersonal skills, to meet others with similar enthusiasms from across the community, and to explore their interests in a more relaxed and less structured environment.

Clubs are drawn from across a huge range of interest areas, reflecting the diverse pursuits of our student and staff body - from academic pursuits such as language club, STEAM activities, coding societies, the debating guild, literature exploration and historical investigation, through sporting, artistic, musical and performance associations, to general-interest gatherings such as chess club, photography, cooking and board-game clubs.