Harrow International School Bengaluru takes seriously its responsibility to support the wellbeing of its employees, recognising that our staff can only best support our students if they are flourishing themselves.

The following are just some of the initiatives in place to support staff wellbeing:

  • Staff will have access to school facilities for their own recreation. This will include the swimming pool, squash courts, the fitness suite and other sporting facilities.
  • Staff courses will be offered for those wishing to develop their recreational skills in areas such as the arts and languages.
  • Staff will be provided with meals in the main school dining room without charge during term time.
  • International staff will be provided with well-presented accommodation either on or close to the campus, as well as comprehensive health insurance to ensure they can gain access to high quality medical support when needed.
  • A staff wellbeing committee will drive forward wellbeing initiatives and ensure that all members of staff have a pathway through which to gain support when it is needed.

A comprehensive programme of staff induction will ensure that new staff are well prepared for their roles, have a complete knowledge of the systems for day-to-day living and know where they can turn when in need of particular assistance.