The poet W B Yeats called true education ‘the lighting of a fire’. It is our overriding intention at Harrow International School Bengaluru to inspire a love of learning, by allowing our students to follow their interests and develop new enthusiasms, whether they be in language, the sciences, the arts or any other area. In this way, we aim that learning should be ablaze across our school.

We offer 25 subjects, each taught by outstanding subject specialists, often with an impressive reputation in their field. All are passionate advocates for their subject and their students, encouraging International Harrovians to go beyond the standard curriculum to gain a mastery of a topic. Students and teachers therefore develop a relationship of mutual respect, whereby the seeds of a life-long love of learning are sown.

At the centre of our academic programme lies the English national curriculum, which ensures a clear and structured preparation for international assessments at IGCSE and beyond. Our academic curriculum also extends well beyond this, to ensure an appropriate focus on the international dimension and holistic nature of our school. As an international school in India, we celebrate our local cultural environment throughout the school year. Recognising that our students will go on to lead in the future, we run a character education alongside their academic learning, so they are equipped to work with and bring out the best in others.