Harrow International School Bengaluru is a member of the Harrow Family of Schools, along with:

Their connection stems from the original charitable intentions of John Lyon, the founder of Harrow School.

Harrow Bengaluru is the first of several Harrow-branded schools to be owned and operated by the Amity Education Group. These schools will reflect Harrow School’s educational purpose, practice, strategy and philosophy in a way that is tailored to the needs of their specific students (as influenced by the geography, culture and demographics of India).

As a member of the Harrow Family of Schools, Harrow Bengaluru will benefit from a range of collaborative opportunities, which will include:

  • Sharing of best practice through platforms such as HarrowNet, which provides opportunities for people in similar roles at Harrow School and at Harrow-branded schools to share advice and resources at regularly scheduled virtual meetings.
  • Student Collaborations through, for example, an annual Fifth Form Conference, as well as a creative-writing anthology and a STEAM magazine.
  • Shared celebrations, as currently focused around the 450th anniversary of Harrow School’s foundation.
  • Support with teacher recruitment and induction, through the engagement of Harrow School in the appointment and induction of senior leaders and teachers in Harrow-branded schools.
  • Sharing of the values, traditions and excellence of Harrow School in the UK, built up through the 450 years in which it has been established.