At Harrow International School Bengaluru, we greatly value the contributions that parents can make as part of the Harrow community. Parents are encouraged to share their feedback with the school either informally, most usually through their child's House master or House mistress, or through the Parent Committee. The Parent Committee includes representatives from each grade level and meets at the school on a regular basis.

In addition, regular coffee meetings are organised to which all parents are invited. These are often timed to coincide with school events, such as visits from Harrow School governors, awards assemblies and other occasions.


Friends of Harrow brings together parents, teaching staff and other stakeholders in support of the School, helping to provide the best possible all-round educational experiences. Every parent, guardian and academic staff member automatically becomes a member of Friends of Harrow, and is warmly welcomed to actively participate in events and programmes.

Through Friends of Harrow, parents have the opportunity to contribute positively to the School community in a variety of ways. The annual programme of events includes a number of parent lectures, aiming to guide parents as they support their children in light of the expert knowledge and experience of our staff. At the same time, Friends of Harrow provides opportunity for parents to offer internship and other work experiences to our students, hence making the most of the network of opportunities which exist across our community. Finally, the Friends of Harrow helps to create parental involvement in a variety of events from the Long Ducker to the New Parents' Coffee Morning.

In this way, the Friends of Harrow initiative further promotes Harrow's core values of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship.

To find out more about the Parent Committee, please email