Scholarship Arrangements: Harrow Bengaluru

Harrow International School aims to allow opportunity for highly talented students to join the school irrespective of their circumstances. For this reason, the school has developed a scholarship programme which has the potential to offer bursaries and scholarships to suitable candidates. Scholarships may be awarded on account of academic excellence or on account of all-around excellence (demonstrated through strong academic ability accompanied by excellence in cocurricular pursuits and/or character).


Families should contact the school admissions office by email ( in order to register or complete the scholarship registration form on our website.

During the assessment, candidates will be asked to complete a written scholarship test, lasting one hour, and complete a 15-minute interview with the Head Master. Those who have not previously completed the CEM entrance test will also be asked to do so.

Arrangements can be made for students to complete the assessment remotely, but attendance in person at our offices in Bengaluru is preferred.

Results will be published after a week, and will provide one of the following responses:

  1. The award of a financial scholarship. The value of this scholarship (measured as a percentage of the tuition and boarding fee) may be stated in the award letter or dependent on a subsequent means test evaluation.
  2. The award of an honorary scholarship. Such an award will entitle the student to hold the title of ‘scholar’, without an accompanying bursary.
  3. Confirmation of an offer of a place at Harrow Bengaluru (A list).
  4. Confirmation of a place on the Waiting List for Harrow Bengaluru, subject to further consideration later in the academic year (B list).
  5. No offer.

Scholarship Duration

Scholarships awarded to students joining Grade 9 or Grade 11 will run for 2 years. Those awarded to students in Grades 6, 7, 8 and 10 will run for one year. Scholarships to all grades will be reviewed at the end of this period and re-awarded as appropriate following performance assessment.