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Harrow Bengaluru was pleased to welcome representatives of the IBO to the school in April to review the school’s preparation for the launch of the IB Diploma in August 2024. The result was a shining endorsement of the school and full confirmation of our readiness to lead the way as an IBDP school. The post visit report, amongst many warm acknowledgements, specifically highlighted the wonderfully open and respectful nature of our students, our exceptionally equipped science labs and the excellence of our globally diverse and outstandingly qualified faculty.  
Benefits of the IB
The IB curriculum is deliberately flexible, empowering students, teachers, and schools to personalize an education that is appropriate to their culture, context, needs, interests and learning ability. Through this local and global context, students connect their learning experiences to their real-world experiences, taking action to make a difference in their community, building practical problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a lifelong sense of inquiry.
In the IBDP students study six subjects in total throughout the duration of the two-year programme, as well as the DP core. Made up of the three required components, the DP core aims to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. Students mature and thrive through this core curriculum that builds their skills to value and comprehend different viewpoints and express their own with confidence, while further building and developing their capacity for self-directed learning. The extended essay provides an outlet for students to explore their passions and apply their independent research skills in preparation for future studies at university and beyond. The CAS element of the programme provides a structured way for students to give back to their local community and pursue their creative and sporting passions.
We look forward to our first batch of students having the exciting opportunity to embrace the IB Diploma programme in August 2024, alongside our highly successful A level curriculum.

The Inaugural Long Ducker Run at Harrow Bengaluru

Harrow International School Bengaluru recently celebrated the success of the first Long Ducker Run, held on Saturday 13 April. Originating from Harrow School in London, the Long Ducker Run is a cherished charitable tradition. Every year, students, teachers, parents, and their friends participate in a sponsored run, representing the journey along the Harrow Road from Marble Arch in Central London to Harrow-on-the-Hill.

This year, our students, their parents, teachers and friends at Harrow Bengaluru came together for a 2km and 4km run, raising funds for Each One Teach One (our own service programme, which allows our students to support local government primary schools) and CUPA (an animal protection charity chosen by the students).

Beyond the race itself, the day was filled with enjoyment. A brunch was served at 9:30 am for students, parents and supporters. This was followed by a morning of carnival activities with the swimming pool open, a bouncy castle style obstacle course, and a number of stalls offering a variety of games, run by students. 

Harrow Bengaluru’s Football Tour to the UK

Our recent international football tour to the United Kingdom served as a notable occasion for our students to not only refine their football skills but also broaden their perspectives through cultural immersion and global engagement. This trip provided our students with the opportunities to partake in competitive football matches against top-tier schools in the UK, including Harrow School, Tonbridge School and John Lyon School. The matches also provided them with invaluable experiences, fostering the development of essential skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Furthermore, the tour encompassed visits to Premier League football grounds which deepened our students' appreciation for the sport. At Harrow International School Bengaluru, we offer our students diverse opportunities to experience a range of sports tours both nationally and internationally.
However, this tour wasn't just about football – it was a holistic experience that went beyond the game. Our students immersed themselves in British culture and had the change to visit the London School of Economics and Oxford University, where they met admissions tutors at both Balliol College and Merton College. Additionally, they relished the unique opportunity to spend their days at Harrow School and Tonbridge School in London, where they not only joined academic lessons and super-curricular clubs, but also competed in matches. This exposure to diverse cultures and immersion into life in leading UK schools has significantly contributed to their personal development and academic journey alike.

Acting British High Commissioner Visits Harrow Bengaluru

We were honoured to welcome Ms Christina Scott, the Acting British High Commissioner to Harrow International School Bengaluru on 30 November 2023. Ms Scott led the school assembly, engaging students in an interactive discussion on the role of governments and diplomats around the world.

Students were enthralled, as Ms Scott shared her inspiration for becoming a public servant and the highlights from her time working in the UK, serving as Head of State in Anguilla, the British West Indies and as Deputy Ambassador to China. After the assembly,  a small group of senior students enjoyed an informal conversation with Ms Scott, discussing the importance of conversation in diplomacy and the importance of making the most of extra-curricular activities at school. 

Curriculum Director recognised with prestigious award

We are delighted to announce that our Director of Curriculum, Melanie Robinson, has been selected for the University of Chicago's Outstanding Educator Award. Ms Robinson was nominated by a former student who will be joining the University of Chicago Class of 2027.
This distinguished award recognises educators who have been instrumental in guiding students along the path towards intellectual growth. Congratulations to Ms Robinson; the entire Harrow Bengaluru community is proud of you.

Harrow Students selected for Olympiad Regional Final

Congratulations to 20 of our students who have qualified for the regional round of the International Finance Olympiad and Global Economics Olympiad. Organised by the International Institute of Financial Markets (IIFM) in New Delhi, the Finance Olympiad is an initiative aimed at making young learners familiar with the need and art of managing money. The Global Economic Olympiad is aimed at encouraging students to develop the analytical skills and business acumen needed to understand complex markets and succeed in the professional world. Both competitions were open to students from Grade 9-12 across the country and the Harrow International Bengaluru students excelled, competing against hundreds of other students. We wish them all the best as they now strive to qualify for the grand finale which is scheduled to take place in New Delhi in January 2024. 

Ranked 'Best Emerging High Potential International School in India'

Harrow International School Bengaluru is proud to have been ranked as the ‘Best Emerging High Potential International School in India’ at the Education World awards in Delhi.  Mr. Andrew Leale, Head Master, and Ms. Melanie Robinson, Director Curriculum, represented the School to collect the prestigious awards. As a newly opened Harrow campus, launched in August 2023, we were glad to receive recognition for our outstanding campus, our highly impressive 100 strong initial cohort of students and our exceptional international and Indian teaching faculty. With our first group of IGCSE and AS Level candidates taking their exams this May and our growing reputation for combining academic excellence, co-curricular engagement and outstanding pastoral care, we very much hope that further recognition will follow in the months and years to come! 

Quantum Questors win Podium Position at Inter School Science Competition

Congratulations to the two Harrow teams who took part in the Science Bowl held at Stonehill School last weekend. Two Grade 9 Harrow teams took on opponents, largely consisting of students in Grades 11 and 12, in challenges across Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. One of the two Harrow teams was placed 6th out of the 50 teams who entered and the other achieved a podium place in the Meteorology Round. Thank you to the Harrow teams for representing the school with honour and humility!

Students win during MOSAIC interschool humanities competition

Presentation skills, creativity and collaboration are important 21st century skills and we were therefore delighted to see very many Harrow students participating in the recent MOSAIC interschool humanities competition hosted by Stonehill International School, Bangalore. This celebration of the social sciences allowed our teams to deliver their ideas in business, economics, science and psychology to students from across Bengaluru in a friendly but competitive atmosphere.
Congratulations to the Harrow Psychology group who were awarded first place in the ‘Jeopardy Competition’, where they demonstrated their remarkable knowledge of psychology, but also to our other teams who, amongst other ideas, unveiled their ground-breaking creation, "Solar Paint". 
The process of preparing for events such as this is just as important as the event itself for our students; the sense of satisfaction they have gained, from applying their scientific knowledge to develop a solar powered product in the lab, has been transformative, shaping our students into empathetic change-makers, destined to make a profound impact on the future. 

Harrow Students Swing into Action

Harrow Bengaluru seeks to provide its students with the broadest possible range of cocurricular experiences. 
Hence 30 of our boys and girls visited Tee Golf Academy this week as we launched another school sports programme. From beginners to seasoned players, they had the opportunity to improve their putting, chipping, and long-game skills. 
Novices embraced golf with enthusiasm, guided by expert coaches, while experienced players honed their techniques. The progress was remarkable, showcasing the transformative power of this collaboration. 
We look forward to seeing our International Harrovians pursuing their golfing dreams in the years to come!

Synergy Quiz

Congratulations to Harrow students in the Business team, who enjoyed a highly successful day at the Bangalore International School Synergy Quiz. The competition required them to identify famous business people, identify logos and tackle a variety of business theory questions.
 Their success was celebrated with a certificate of achievement and the students were thrilled to also receive a 5,000 Rs Amazon gift voucher as a reward for their general knowledge, competitive spirit and teamwork. Congratulations to the Business Studies and Economics Department and our thanks to the Bangalore International School for arranging an excellent occasion!

Intraschool Tournament

In the heart of the school, amidst the cheers and groans of passionate fans, the stage was set for an unforgettable intraschool football tournament. The Karnataka Kickers, Devanahalli Dynamos, and Bangalore Blasters, three spirited Harrow Bengaluru teams, came together to compete in a historic maiden tournament on our new football field. The tournament had it all – dramatic goals, nail-biting draws and a rain-interrupted final that only added to the excitement. Fans and players alike will fondly remember this tournament as a testament to the courage, honour and fellowship of all those involved.

Guest Lecture

The past week has seen the first of a series of guest lectures organised by the University Guidance Team. Harrow Bengaluru’s students in Grades 11, 10 and 9 heard from Professor Jeremy Simpson, College Principal and Dean of Science at University College Dublin, Ireland’s leading global university.
The title of the Professor’s lecture was ‘One Jellyfish, Two Proteins, Three Nobel Prize Winners: The Story that Changed Biomedical Research Forever’, creating much intrigue amongst the Harrow students.
They subsequently learnt about how luminous deep sea creatures create light, how this science has allowed the creation of luminous rabbits and the value of this nanotechnology to human medicine. All in all, a thought provoking start to our semester 1 lecture series.

World Sailing Championship

We are excited to report that Harrow Bengaluru Grade 10 student, Diya, has been selected to represent India at the J80 World Championship to be held in Baiona, Spain in Dec 2023. 
Diya has been a committed sailor from an early age but bagged her maiden silver medal in the recently concluded National Sailing Championship, conducted at the Royal Madras Yacht Club, Chennai. To win her medal she had to overcome competition from adult teams representing the Indian Army, Indian Navy, CRPF, RMYC and other sailing clubs, whilst braving the Bay of Bengal's high tides as she vied for top honours. 
Winning the silver medal marks Diya's incredible progress as the school continues to encourage her to make waves in Indian, and now European, waters.


Boarding House Inauguration

Harrow International School Bengaluru‘s boarding students have been excited to move into their state-of-the-art boarding accommodation on the school campus, following the opening of the school this month. 60% of students enrolled for the first year are residential students at Harrow Bengaluru, so the boarding houses have been full of activity as many new friendships have been built over the past few days. The boarding houses are superbly equipped with multiple common rooms for recreation and libraries for studying.
Students from Grade 6 to Grade 9 have twin sharing rooms whereas students from Grade 10 upwards have their own single room with en-suite bathroom. Students also have access to an in-house kitchen, an on-site nurse and adjacent laundry facilities. 
The lamp was lit by the Head Master and the Director of Pastoral Care Mr. Saurav Sinha addressed all the students who attended the inauguration ceremony. The ribbon was cut by the youngest boarder, and sweets were distributed, after which a buzz ensued throughout the evening at the boarding premises as students moved in with all their belongings and books. Resident House Masters, House Mistresses and the entire pastoral care committee welcomed the boarders, who are already taking full advantage of the academic, sporting and co-curricular opportunities which come with their onsite living.

G20 Summit

On the second day of school, students from Harrow Bengaluru had the opportunity to attend the G20 summit taking place in Bengaluru as guests of the organizing committee. During their visit, they attended addresses by the Minister for Information Technology and Innovation from Mauritius and the Minister for Industry and Technology from Turkey. 
Their speeches focused on the role of Artificial Intelligence in the world economy and were followed by a short inspiring talk by Austin Russell, the youngest self-made billionaire in the world and CEO of Luminar Technologies. The Harrow students were truly motivated with what one can achieve at such a young age and brought back much inspiration for the term ahead.

Weekend Activities

Harrow Bengaluru ensures that its full-time boarders have a busy and enjoyable schedule during the weekend as well as during the week.
Recently, all of our full boarders (and some of our weekly boarders) joined a trip to Wind Flower Resort where they enjoyed swimming, basketball, walking and indoor games, amongst other activities. Joining the trip were a House Master, a House Mistress, the school nurse, a boarding house matron, the warden and our head of sport, ensuring that, as ever, the boarders were superbly looked after.

Harrow Bengaluru Opens

Amidst much excitement, Harrow International School Bengaluru hosted over 300 people, including the first batch of about 90 students, parents and faculty, on its brand-new school campus for the first day on 16th August 2023. The orientation programme in the atrium comprised of an induction address from the Head Master, Andrew Leale, followed by breakout class group sessions, house gatherings, teacher-student small group interactions, parent-teacher meetings, a grand buffet lunch and guided tours of the magnificent academic building.
Students were smartly turned out in their Harrow uniforms, including their hats, and were excited to greet and meet their classmates and faculty. With classes beginning on Thursday, as well as the renowned Harrow cocurricular programme, there is a great deal for them to look forward to.

Faculty Induction at Harrow School, UK

In early July, the new Harrow International School faculty began their induction at Harrow School in the UK under the combined guidance of the Senior Leadership of Harrow School UK and Harrow International School Bengaluru.
The programme incorporated sessions on the history and traditions of Harrow School, the Harrow values, as well as presentations on safeguarding, the curriculum and the strong links between the two schools. Faculty members were taken on a campus tour and engaged in an open forum during their interaction with Head Master of Harrow Bengaluru Andrew Leale as well as Head Master of Harrow UK, Alastair Land.
The importance of outstanding pastoral care was highlighted by the opportunity for Harrow Bengaluru housemasters, assistant housemasters, housemistresses, and assistant housemistresses to meet with members of the UK pastoral leadership, with the intention of ensuring that the best practices of Harrow School London are reflected in Bengaluru.  

Engaging Parents at the Capital

The Harrow International School Bengaluru team recently met parents in New Delhi at the Taj Palace on Sunday 4 June. Over 70 prospective parents and students, from diverse schools in North India, joined us for an engaging interaction. 
Parents were informed of the 450-year legacy and leadership ethos that Harrow School brings to India, the distinct traditions and values it holds and the cross-spectrum of international faculty and students from across the world which make up our Bengaluru community.
Our Head Master, Mr. Andrew Leale, addressed questions on international curricula, our academic goals, the unique advantages of Harrow School, the benefits of boarding, co-scholastic activities, our expansive infrastructure and the daily routine that our students will enjoy for holistic development.


Harrow at Lord’s

The annual cricket fixture between Harrow School and Eton College took place on Friday 12 May at Lord’s Cricket Ground, just a few weeks prior to the World Test Championship Final between India and Australia in London.

In front of a healthy crowd of school students, parents, Old Harrovians and Old Etonians, Harrow batted first and scored an impressive 275 in their 50 overs. The Eton response was strong but ultimately fell four runs short of the target, hence confirming a further Harrow victory in this fixture which first took place in 1805.

The Harrow team started their season with a tour of India in December and has since made a strong start to their English cricket season, with impressive victories over Wellington College and St Edward’s, Oxford prior to their annual visit to Lord’s.   

Ivy League Success

Harrow School in London has announced another set of superb university offers from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Over the past few months the school has received no less than 18 offers from Ivy League universities in the US and a total of 74 offers from QS Top Ten ranked universities around the world. Within the UK, Harrow students have received nine offers from Cambridge University, six from Oxford University, 15 from Imperial and 36 from UCL.

Harrow Bengaluru’s faculty members will be meeting at Harrow School in London for the first stage of the faculty induction programme in July, during which they will have the chance to further develop collaboration with the UK university counselling team and other teachers.


School Tours Commence

Harrow Bengaluru is excited to announce that we will be offering tours of our campus from 15 May 2023. With the main academic building and the first boarding houses complete, we look forward to showing parents around these buildings, classrooms, and the wider school campus.


Harrow Bengaluru benefits from exceptional facilities in every area of school life. In the main academic building, visitors will have the chance to tour our state-of-the-art STEM centre, which features numerous well-equipped labs, designed to encourage active, collaborative learning, as well as an IT hub and robotics lab. Also within the academic building are an extensive school library, a drama ‘black box’, art and dance studios, music performance and practice rooms, as well as numerous spacious, fully IT equipped classrooms and Harkness rooms. Beyond the academic area stands our sports village with a full sized astroturf football pitch, cricket nets and wickets, squash and tennis courts, an Olympic sized 50m swimming pool, fitness and yoga gyms, a full sized sports hall and a 400m running track. Adjacent to this area stand our superbly equipped boarding houses and a 600 seat auditorium for assemblies, lectures and music, drama and dance performances.


Harrow Bengaluru looks forward to showing families around our wonderful campus and invites you to contact the admissions team to arrange your visit. The school will officially commence Aug 2023.


Harrow International School Information Session and Press Meet

Harrow International School Bengaluru convened its second Parent Information Session in Bengaluru on Saturday, March 11, 2023 at the JW Marriott. The event was very well attended by over 160 parents and guests. The event was anchored by Dr. Moses Satralkar who welcomed the guests and organized media invites.

Head Master, Mr. Andrew Leale (Oxford University, UK) made a comprehensive presentation that covered the history, ethos, vision, mission, curriculum accreditations, subject combinations, infrastructure, co-curricular activities, faculty profiles and scholarship opportunities.

The event was well-appreciated by the participants in the audience that comprised affluent parents, expatriates, and diverse stakeholders including those from media, corporate industries/MNCs, club representatives, forum members, private entrepreneurs, diplomats and former military personnel.

The session was followed by an interactive Open Forum where the participating parents asked a number of questions on admissions pre-requisites, the difference between A levels and IBDP, university placements, as well as the daily school routine. Parents and students that attended were from a range of premium Schools across Bengaluru.

Media present included Money Control, Education Today, Education World and other local News agencies. Overall, the event was a big success and was appreciated by all stakeholders. 

Parent Orientation Session

Our first information session was held at the JW Marriott on Saturday 11 February. Over 120 prospective parents and students from across Bengaluru joined us for a lively interactive discussion.
Our Head Master, Mr Andrew Leale, shared the vision and mission of Harrow International School Bengaluru, as well as provided insights into the curriculum, the infrastructure and the daily life that our students will enjoy.
We’re grateful to all the families for their enthusiastic participation at our first parent orientation. We hosted over 120 attendees who later engaged in a detailed Q & A session with our Head Master. 
Harrow International School Bengaluru has participated in international exhibitions in Dubai and Bangladesh as well as national exhibitions convened in Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Guwahati. The School is also in the process of organizing various exclusive events for parents in other cities across India.

Harrow Cricket Team to Tour in India

The 1st XI cricket team of Harrow School in the UK have announced plans for a tour of India in December 2022. A 26 student-strong tour party will arrive in Delhi on 6 December and will play a total of 12 fixtures over the following fortnight. Harrow has a great tradition of cricketing excellence with the annual Harrow v Eton fixture, played at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, being one of the longest running annual sporting fixtures in the world, having been first played in 1805.
Harrow International School Bengaluru will provide a warm welcome to the British tourists and wishes them the very best for their time in India.


Founding Head Master Visits Harrow School in the UK

Harrow International School Bengaluru’s Founding Head Master, Mr Andrew Leale, recently completed a three-day visit to Harrow School in the UK as preparations for the opening of the first Harrow-branded school in India progress. Mr Leale met with Mr Alastair Land, Head Master of Harrow School in the UK, as well as governors, senior staff and students.
Mr Leale commented, ‘This visit has allowed me to see Harrow’s firm commitment to developing a strong, long-term partnership with Amity Harrow Schools in India. The tradition, academic excellence and values of Harrow School in the UK, established over 450 remarkable years, will help to ensure that Harrow Bengaluru is able to offer an outstanding holistic education to our students.’


Meeting Parents

The Harrow Bengaluru team has been traveling across India over recent weeks, meeting parents and prospective pupils in a number of different cities. Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Guwahati have all seen visits by the admissions team as the excitement grows ahead of our opening in August. The Head Master, Mr. Andrew Leale, addressed parents at open forums in both Ahmedabad and Kolkata, fielding questions on international curriculums, the benefits of boarding schools, and the unique benefits of British legacy schools in India, in which he drew on his experience from Oxford University, Harrow School and beyond. Further city visits are planned in February and March, details of which will be shared on our social media channels.

Head Master in the News

Our Head Master, Mr. Andrew Leale, has featured within a number of publications over the past weeks as interest in Harrow Bengaluru continues to build.

Interviews with Mr. Leale can be found in Education World Magazine, where he was in conversation with Editor in Chief, Mr. Dilip Thakore, and in Careers 360 Magazine. On both occasions, Mr. Leale extolled the virtues of Harrow’s academic programme, which aspires to bring the very highest level of global education to Bengaluru, and shared the value he attaches to holistic boarding style education. The full interviews can be found in these links:

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Other prominent publications in which we have been featured include:

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Our students are also making waves for their unique talents and abilities:

 Times of India (Mys Teen to be part of World Sailing Meet)