Head Master and Principal, Harrow International School, Bengaluru

Mr. Andrew Leale is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford University. He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics whilst there, along with no less than three of the last five British Prime Ministers, including present incumbent Rishi Sunak and previous prime minister Boris Johnson.

He joined Harrow Bengaluru from Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy, a leading private boarding and day school in Beijing, China where he was International Principal. During his time in Beijing, he led the development of the Kaiwen from foundation to a roll of over 750 students. In so doing, he ensured that both academic excellence and holistic opportunities were promoted, a philosophy which saw the school recognized as one of the top 15 schools in China by Forbes magazine.

Prior to his time in Beijing, Mr Leale enjoyed a long career at the prestigious Tonbridge School, a member of the Eton Group of leading British Independent Schools, where he was a member of the Senior Leadership Team, as well as fulfilling spells as a Head of Department and Boarding Housemaster. During his time at Tonbridge, Mr Leale guided numerous students to leading universities across the globe. ‘Ivy League and Oxbridge colleges’, he warns ‘see no shortage of students who are set to achieve top marks in their exams. The ones who get the places are those who can go beyond test results to show a deep love for their subject and an ambition to learn for its own sake, rather than to just achieve grades. Teachers and students at Harrow Bengaluru will develop that same deep engagement with their subjects.’